P. Shavaun Scott

Psychotherapist - Author

The Minds of Mass Killers


"We have reports of an active shooter," the newscaster says. We freeze and stop what we're doing to listen. Then, riveted to cable TV or a radio broadcast, our heart rates speed up with a rush of adrenaline. Family members look at each other as somebody says, "Where now – a school?  Church? Grocery store?"

It could be any of those places; experience has shown it could even be a shopping mall, a nightclub, or the local Walmart.

As disturbing as each incident is, what may be more alarming is that these events now seem commonplace in the United States. Though the odds of any one of us being direct victims of a mass shooting event are exceedingly small, the data is clear: these attacks are increasing in frequency and becoming more deadly over time.

This has a direct influence on our perception of safety as we go about our daily lives. The world begins to feel dangerous, and this changes how we behave in it. We're all affected indirectly every time there is a public mass killing, without even realizing it.

Myths and misinformation about mass killers abound. We don't understand and don't know what to do; we feel powerless to make the violence stop. In this book, mental health therapist Shavaun Scott helps sort truth from fiction as she presents everything we know about mass killers, their motivations, their methods, and how to stop them – ideally, long before they ever pick up a weapon.

This book provides detailed factual case studies integrated with clear psychological theory to help readers understand what is happening and why it's happening. Drawing from criminology, neuroscience, and developmental and social psychology, the author makes a case that none of us are powerless to help create a safer society

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